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Details to Be Noticed When Choosing to Use SMD Fuses

Details to Be Noticed When Choosing to Use SMD Fuses

How to choose the right fuse is a topic which has always been asked about. Fuse suppliers will provide you with some details to be noticed when choosing to use SMD fuses below.


Size type: size type should be based on the actual situation of the circuit; the current SMD fuses have a lot of packaging sizes, such as 0402, 0603, 1206, 2410, etc. 


Limiting current: fast-acting fuses should be used in most resistive or semiconductor line loads, but normal or slow blow fuses should be considered for inductive or capacitive loads. Remember: the protected is the circuit itself, not the fuse.


Mounting position: it is important to note that fuses must never be connected to a zero potential or grounded wire. The fuses should be connected to the live wire, so that the circuit breaks immediately when the fuse blows, otherwise even if the ground wire breaks the circuit, positive and negative voltage difference may still make the circuit damaged. 


Fuse holder: using the right fuse holder is as important as choosing the right fuse. Fuse is a hot melt component, so the fuse holder will greatly affect the speed of fuse. Whether its contacts are good should be paid attention to for clamping type fuse holder, bad contacts will produce contact resistance to make the fuse heat and affect the characteristics of the fuse, and too good heat dissipation will also affect the fusing speed of the SMD fuse. 


Fuse replacement: be sure to replace with the same type of SMD fuse with the same current value. When a fuse blows, there must be a problem somewhere in the circuit. Replacing the fuse with a higher limit may damage the circuit without finding the problem. 

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