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Development Trend of SMD Fuse

As a new type of protection component with high scientific and technological content, SMD fuse is developing at a high speed with the development of the terminal products in its application field, especially with the development of the personal digital handheld equipments, which make the consumption of SMD fuse growing fast.

At the same time, with the miniaturization and intellectualization of various electronic devices, the application of many traditional fuses will gradually be replaced by SMD fuses.

The development trend of SMD fuse will be introduced by the following fuse manufacturers.

In terms of product types and technical performances, following the development of digital technology, SMD fuses will continue to launch a variety of new product lines, including higher rated voltage, larger or smaller current rating, smaller internal resistance, more fusing characteristics, stronger breaking capacity, recoverable, as well as multi line arrays, intelligent and multi-functional integrated components or modules, etc., to meet circuit protection needs of more and updated terminal products.

From the point of view of product level and cost reduction, many fuse manufacturers are able to meet the needs of users to reduce costs and compete against competition. Many products with certain protective functions and low price are introduced, such as series of resistance technology; simpler structure and wide range of technical parameters to meet the circuit protection requirements of many popular low-end consumer products with low technical requirements and also makepossible for the replacement of more traditional types of fuses.

Shanghai Songshan Electronics Co., Ltd. is a fuse manufacturer engaged in the production and development of over current protection devices. In order to meet the market needs, more and more SMD fuses are being developed by Shanghai Songshan Electronics Co., Ltd. with a strong technology.

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