The Preferred Fuse Supplier to the Chinese Military Industry


The Preferred Fuse Supplier to the Chinese Military Industry

The development history of Songshan witnessed the growth of Chinese military strength.  For over half a century, Songshan researchers have made tremendous efforts and gained the breakthrough of core technology of military fuses, which filled the gaps of related products in Chinese defense industry. Songshan solutions can meet the specific needs of various types of circuit protection of military products.

Songshan fuse with high reliability and stability can run perfectly even in extremely harsh environment, with which Songshan has participated in many Chinese sophisticated military equipment research and development, and thus become the preferred supplier of Chinese military fuses. Songshan has by far accounted for more than 90% market share of Chinese manufactured military fuses. For example, SMD fuse type 217 series of military fuses developed by Songshan itself have been widely applied in radars, missiles, tanks, warships, aircrafts, and other military equipments and modern strategic weapons, as well as Chinese first indigenous aircraft carrier. 

The performances of 217 series meet the requirements of the imported military fuses with the same rating. Songshan military fuses provide the best solution for the implemented localization of imported fuses used in Chinese armed equipments.

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